Paperwork Downloads

For contractors and temporary employees currently working on assignment or projects, get your necessary documents here.

Employee Handbook/Policies, Procedures, Code of Conduct | Download PDF
Watch your P's & Q's

Family Leave Supplement | Download PDF

Timesheet/Timecard Notices | Download PDF | Download Word doc

Instructions to ensure you get paid on time.

Hardcopy Timesheet/Timecard | Download PDF
Short on a timecard for the current week? If you currently do not have your original carbon-copy timecard, get your printable copy here. Remember, when faxing to us, make sure both you and your supervisor sign.

Employee Change of Information |

Please email our Front Desk at should you have change of mailing address, name change, or phone number change.  If you need to complete a new W-4, you must call our Front Desk at 503.295.9948 so that we can reissue a new W-4 through your Employee Portal E-docs.

Check Release Form | Download PDF | Download Word doc.

Can't get to our office when you've said you'd pick up your check and want to have a relative or other authorized person pick up your check on Friday payday? Give us your authorized release by using this form.

Background check/Drug Screen/Credit Check/DMV Forms & FCRA Release Authorization | Download PDF

Some of our Clients require us to obtain additional pre-employment information. Here is the necessary FCRA compliant form(s), release information, and notices for Staffing Solutions to obtain background check, credit report (limitations apply), drug screen, or DMV check.